Seattle B4H Receives Warm Thank You Note from African Rotary Member

In the past 20 months our Bicycles for Humanity Group here in Seattle has shipped over 1,500 bikes to needy individuals and families in Africa. Our third shipment, which totaled 529 bikes, was delivered in late February of 2012.

One of our partners, the Empangeni Rotary Club, is going to distribute this shipment to two Bicycle Empowerment Centers (BEC) in Kwa-Zulu Natal.

Some of you may recall we have a very close working relationship with Rotary member in Africa, Fulvio Pace, who corresponds with us from time to time about activities with our distribution of bicycles and other activities in Kwa-Zulu Natal and other locations.

“We have sent 10 bicycles to the Rotary club of Melmoth-Ulundi, about 90 kilometers inland of Empangeni, where they are very keen to start a project teaching kids to ride,” reported Fulvio recently.

Fulvio reports an interesting story in a note to Frank Finneran where he shares the value that our work has on a local man named Sam. “While on one of our early morning training rides, our cycling group met a man named Sam. We saw him this one morning about 10 kilometers out of town. He was walking to work at about 5 30 a.m. We are not quite sure how far he had walked before he met our group.

Fulvio went on to say that Sam was a cheerful man, who met the group with a wave and a cheerful smile.

“One day, I stopped Sam and asked him to meet me at my work place later that day. I selected and prepared a bicycle for Sam and gave it to him later that same day. Now that Sam has transportation, we miss his smiling face in the early morning rides. But we are happy to know he spends a lot less time getting to and from work each day,” Fulvio reported.

He closed his note to Frank Finneran with a heartfelt observation:

“I value all the effort you put into B4H and just want to assure you, I make sure the bicycles you send are distributed to those who appreciate, need and are made happy by receiving them. Your group is making a difference in someone’s life, one bicycle at the time,” Fulvio added.